4 Tips on How to Make the Phone Case Less Slippery

Does your phone keep on falling off to the group? If yes, then the most probable reason behind it is your slippery phone case. People of today’s world are more worldly. They love to explore new designs and trending items in terms of fashion and the other essential things in life like phone cases. Several brands and companies offer various unique designs in phone cases that add elegance to your looks in specific ways. But most of them remain slippery with bad grips. Here, in this article, you will find various forms of adding grip to your phone cases and making them less slippery.

How to Make the Phone Case Less Slippery?


Various Ways of Making Phone Cases Less Slippery

The phone is the crucial thing in life that everyone loves the most and takes the best care of. But if this precious thing keeps on falling from your hand every time you hold it for the slippery cases, then you can think of various ways of adding grip to it. So, if you want to protect your precious phone from fall damage, then here are a few ways in which you can make your phone cases less slippery:

1. Get a Rubbery Phone Case:

You would find several options in phone cases for your phone from several online platforms like online shopping sites, social media platforms with proper shopping websites, and even from local stores. But the one thing which you need to check while buying the phone case is whether the phone case is slippery or not. You can look for phone cases with rubbery textures. These phone cases are often thicker than usual but provide good fall damage protection due to the thick layers. Most people complain about camera damage when their phones hit the ground. But you can now easily avoid those by getting phone cases with better rubbery grip not only on the sides but also with camera shutter protection.

2. Get a Grip Tape:

There are times when you have already purchased one of your favorite phone cases, which cost you a lot. But at the same time, your phone has already survived several falls till today. So most people get in a sudden dilemma in whether to keep the phone case on or get a new one with a better grip. But if you do not want to let go of the current beautiful phone case, you can try out the grip tapes all the time. Grip tapes are elastic adhesive tapes that you can easily stick at the back of your phone case and stick anywhere you want.

People of the 21st century live and survive on phones, and most of them take their phones to the toilets as well. But unfortunately, almost 90% of the people fear their phones slipping off their hands in the washroom. But if you have grip tapes on your phone cases, you would not have to worry about those falls because you can stick them anywhere you want, even on the washroom walls!

But there are certain things which you need to know about the grip tapes. Most of the grip tapes brands promise that the tapes are easily removable. But the truth is, if you keep on using the grip tapes for a long time, then the heat and moisture from your hands and cell phone bakes the grip tapes at the back of your phone cases. When you try to remove the tapes, it leaves a residue mark at the back of your phone case, which is quite hard to remove entirely. You would also get grip tapes in excellently cute designs!

3. Get a Loop:

One of the most common and most affordable products you can get online to make your phone caseless slippery is a phone loop. Phone loops are small adhesive products that look like a short handle at the back of your phone case for a better grip. You would not have to use your thumb finger to get a tight hold of your phone in the presence of a love handle loop that runs vertically at the back of your phone case to make the case less slippery. If you think that the loop might destroy the looks of your beautiful phone case, then you are wrong. The phone case loops come in a vast range of unique designs available in several top-notch online shopping sites.

4. Try a Pop Socket:

Another affordable way of making your phone caseless slippery is by adding a pop socket at the back of your phone case. If you do not know anything about a pop socket yet, keep an eye on the following for more info.

Pop sockets are the most common things you can easily spot in the phone cases of over 80% of the people using phones. You might have spotted a round object at the back of the phones of several people, even some of your friends. Those are the round pop sockets that come in various designs and shapes. These sockets are generally round in form and come with a sticker in the back. You need to peel off the sticky part from the back of the socket and fix it to the back of your phone case. Once stuck, the pop socket would be pretty hard to remove. The pop sockets provide an excellent grip on your phone and make the case less slippery, which also prevents it from falling and knocking the ground.

Pop sockets would not ever destroy the show of your phone case as they also come in unique cute designs which might align with your phone cases all the time!

Wrapping up

If you want to keep your phone intact and protect it from fall damages all the time, then you might need to choose one of the several options of adding grip to the phone cases and making them less slippery. The last but not the least way of preventing your phone from slipping off your hands is by getting a phone case with matt finishing. It would get your hands a better grip on the phone. What keeps you waiting? Go and get your ideal phone case today!