8 Best Screen Sharing Software for Windows

Screen sharing software is crucial to share business ideas and have seamless communication between the team members who work remotely. There are so many screen-sharing software that allows users to share the screen. They all have similar looks, but distinct features. I have mentioned a detailed guide below about the top screen sharing software for windows that enable you to share your screen with your desktop or laptop with ease and efficiency.

Screen sharing app for Windows

Since many of these software offerings service for free. it has become more difficult to choose the most efficient. To assist you to choose the right one for your use, we have compiled a list of the most robust, feature-rich screen-sharing software that allows the most in-depth remote training and education.

Let’s look at the 8 best screen-sharing apps for windows.


List of 8 Best Screen Sharing Apps for Windows

To run an office smoothly, definitely, there is a need for the best screen-sharing apps and free screenshots tools for windows.

Desktop sharing applications have come into the market to make online seminars more productive and interactive. Each screen-sharing software has its unique features. And definitely, there are innumerable screen-sharing applications over the internet. It might be difficult and time-consuming for you.

So, I have shortlisted the 8 best screen-sharing applications for Windows for your greater convenience.

1. TeamViewer:

TeamViewer Best Screen Sharing Software for Windows

“Complete Package for online sessions and webinars.”

For remote support, TeamViewer is the best screen-sharing software. The user not only just views the windows but can navigate the interface and make changes to it.

Team members from different locations can get connected through the TeamViewer. With video and voice calling features, remote team members can communicate better. It offers built-in meeting recording.

The user can remotely access the screen of another member. If one team member encounters a problem and requires technical support, then the technical member of the office can fix the problem with the help of TeamViewer in a couple of minutes.

Platform supported: macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and Blackberry devices.


  1. Text chat.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. User-Friendly interface.
  4. Cross-platform access.
  5. Monitoring and Navigating the screen remotely.


  1. Safe and Quick remote management tool.
  2. Virus protection and security.
  3. Easy to update and install.
  4. Can conduct online sessions including up to 25 members.
  5. Great customer support.
  6. Free for non-commercial purposes.


  1. It can’t transfer large-size files.
  2. It doesn’t work through Proxy servers.
  3. It requires a strong internet connection.
  4. Each PC must have downloaded the TeamViewer application of the same version to perform well.
  5. It requires a license and needs to pay for commercial purposes.

Click Here to download Teamviewer

2. Join.me:

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Launched in 2010, the Popular video-conferencing application Join.me is best for annotation.

The admin can schedule and hold the meeting in Join.me. It also offers plugins for whiteboards, Outlook, and Google. The annotate feature of Join.me helps you highlight the content, drawing on your screen during the video conferencing.

This screen-sharing application has the feature named “Pass Presenter,” which enables the host to pass its position to another team member easily. It is the product of the world’s number one largest SaaS company named LogMeIn. So it has many more features to offer. It is free of cost to join the meeting, but users have to pay to have the hosting features and capabilities.

Platform Supported: iOS, Android, Windows.


  1. Data sharing.
  2. Clear audio and video quality.
  3. Easy to organize a meeting.
  4.  Simple and easy to use.


  1. Cost-effective.
  2. Friendly user interface.
  3. No need to download it on everyone’s desktop.


  1. No video call feature is available, only voice calls.
  2. The screen gets freezes sometimes and has random glitches.
  3. Customer Support needs to be improvised.

Click Here to download Join.me  

3. Zoom:

Zoom - Desktop Screen Sharing Application for Windows

“Excellent video conferencing applications for organizing team member meetings and webinars.”

After the covid pandemic, there is likely a handful of people who don’t know about the Zoom application. Not just only the officers or businessmen, simple college and school level students are used to Zoom applications. You can set the Zoom meetings and calendar them through iCal, Outlook, and Gmail. You can record your screen if the host allows it.

You can choose to share your entire screen or just a single tab. Therefore it ensures a high level of security. Also, the user can do a text chat with everyone or with a single person during the video conference. Drawing on the screen to make more clearer about your claim is also possible through this app.

Platform Supported: macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac.


  1. Session recording.
  2. WhiteBoard helps the user to explain their point and discuss it more clearly.
  3. Text chat.
  4. Built-in collaboration tools.
  5. HD audio and video.


  1. Easy to use and set up.
  2. Conveniently access the meetings from Mobile applications also.


  1. The meeting gets ends after 40 minutes in the free version.

Click Here to download Zoom

4. AnyDesk:

Remote screen sharing apps

In terms of remote access, nothing can beat the AnyDesk screen-sharing application. Popular as remote desktop screen sharing software, AnyDesk is somehow similar to the TeamViewer application. They both work well when it comes to their performance.

Platform Supported: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, FreeBSD.


  1. It comes with DeskRT technology.
  2. Online administration panel.
  3. Lighter in size.


  1. It performs well even in the low bandwidth network area.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. This application is simple to download.
  4. No need for any registration/ administration login.
  5. Secure and reliable remote desktop sharing application.


  1. Once the screen gets stuck, it becomes difficult to reconnect.
  2. Lack of mobile application.
  3. You have to install the application in all systems to access them remotely. Without that, it is impossible.

Click Here to download Anydesk

5. ShowMyPC:

ShowMyPC - Best Sharing app for windows

ShowMyPC is a remote desktop sharing application that gives free help desk. The interesting thing about this tool is that you can find your stolen or lost PCs, and it provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use the remote desktop sharing tool, ShowMyPC, when you have to give an online demonstration.

It is available in both free and paid versions.

Platform supported: Linux, iOS, Android, Windows XP, Windows 7 & 8, and Mac 10.5 and above.


  1. Simple interface.
  2. Secure.
  3. Remote Reboot.
  4. Cross-platform.
  5. Compared to other screen-sharing tools, ShowMyPC has an easy installation process.


  1. Remote access
  2. Cost-effective.
  3. Customizable security and privacy options.
  4. Remote desktop control.


  1. You need to pay to access the desktop from the link.
  2. Tough to use with a Macintosh computer.
  3. Slow response time.

Click Here to download ShowMyPC

6. MingleView:

Share screen with another computer, Screen sharing app for laptop

Free windows based remote desktop sharing software.

Yes! You heard it right. It is possible to share the desktop screen using MingleView for free.

Though the application lacks a big development budget, it manages to provide the features that the user wants. It belongs to one of those free desktop screen-sharing applications that allow boundless participants and boundless meeting hosting.

In addition, users who don’t want to download the MingleView application can use the web app. But the person can’t control the desktop screen of other users. Even gamers and movie lovers can use this screen-sharing app.

Platform Supported: Windows 7 and above and Android.


  1. No installation and registration is needed.
  2. Secure P2P connection.
  3. High screen sharing quality.


  1. Unlimited participants can join.
  2. Protect data and keep it safe.
  3. One too many desktop sharing.


  1. The web version of this screen-sharing application lacks a remote control feature.

Click Here to download MingleView

7. Windows Quick Assist:

Windows Quick Assist - Screen Share App

Windows Quick Assist enables sharing your screen through a remote connection. After launching this screen-sharing app, the user can remotely control another’s desktop. The screen-sharing session started once your friend entered the 6-digit code you shared with them.

It lacks the features that other communication tools include but is best for those who want free and basic screen-sharing applications.

Platform Supported: Windows


  1. Remote desktop and access.
  2. Support multiple windows.


  1. Free for Windows users.
  2. The idea is to solve technical issues.


  1. Audio and Video call features are lacking. Extra setup needed for audio and video calls.
  2. Lack of screen recording and whiteboard features.
  3. Not applicable on webinars and online meetings.

Click Here to download Windows Quick Assist

8. GoToMeeting:

gotomeeting - best screen sharing app, Screen sharing app for Windows, Best screen sharing software free

GoToMeeting is a popular communication platform and collaboration tool. It allows the user to have the call and share the screen. Whether the person is in the tech field or any business-related field, GoToMeeting is helpful for everyone. This communication platform supports a maximum of 250 participants in a meeting. While having a call, the user can share their screen with others.

Depending on the person’s preference, they can record the conversations either locally or in the cloud storage. Plan starting from $12/month for a professional plan. You can also request a demo trial for free. But if you choose to have an enterprise, up to 3000 people can join.

Platform Supported: Windows, Web, Mac, iOS, and Android.


  1. The screen recording feature is available.
  2. It is possible to record an unlimited amount of content
  3. Presenter switching.
  4. Excellent customer reviews.


  1. Easy and simple to set up.
  2. Easy screen sharing.
  3. Better security and encryption.
  4. Third-party integration.
  5. Chat with individual attendees at every meeting.


  1. Many different features are unavailable in the mobile version.
  2. Expensive compared to its competitors.

Click Here to Download GoToMeeting

Wrapping Up

Besides the above discussed 8 best screen sharing apps, slack, skype, Microsoft teams, and Chrome remote desktop sharing applications can also help share the screen.

I hope this blog helped you select the best screen-sharing apps for windows. If you want to have a productive workflow, it’s best to take time to decide which screen-sharing applications to choose rather than switching from one after. Choose the application with features like easy file transfers, audio and video calls, and screen sharing services.