How to Add More Ethernet Ports to Router

Routers are devices that connect networks. They determine how data moves between networks and the devices on those networks. Routers are often the first devices a user encounters when configuring a network. They are responsible for establishing the links between networks, such as between a building and the Internet.

WIRED routers redirect your internet connection to the devices on your network that needs the most bandwidth. They prioritize traffic so that streaming videos and downloads don’t slow down the internet connection for web browsing or online gaming. Most modern routers also include several advanced features that help protect your network and provide even better performance. The most important feature is a password, which requires that all devices on your network be configured to recognize the name of your router and to use the correct password to connect to it.

How to Add More Ethernet Ports to Router

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But the problem with using these wired routers is the limited ethernet ports. Some routers have only a few Ethernet ports, which means that you’ll have to connect to the router using an Ethernet cable instead of using wireless signals. This can become inconvenient if you have more than a few devices that need to be connected to the router. Most modern routers have at least some Ethernet ports, but they are often in limited locations. This can make it difficult to connect more than a few devices to the router at one time. What if we tell you that we have some ways to increase ethernet ports in your router!?!

In this article, we will be learning some ways to add more ethernet ports to the router


How to Add More Ethernet Ports on Router

There are several ways to add more ethernet ports to your router. Some of them are: –

Purchase a router with many ports:

The easiest way to have multiple ethernet ports is to purchase a router with more ethernet ports. However, this can become expensive. Fortunately, you can add extra ethernet ports to your existing router. Always think about the long-term benefits and invest in electronics. Though it may be a little expensive it will be handy in the future.

Get an ethernet switch:

Now an ethernet switch can be a great way to add ethernet ports to a router. It just needs to be connected to the router since it in turn has additional ports which can be used. One can find these switches on any shopping website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. An ethernet switch is a networking hardware device that connects multiple Ethernet devices. Most Ethernet switches have between 1 and 16 ethernet ports, and they are often small enough to be placed on a wall in your home or office. You can purchase an ethernet switch and use the additional ports on your router for wired ethernet devices, or you can connect multiple Ethernet switches using ethernet cables to increase the number of ethernet ports on your router. It is a device that turns one ethernet cable into multiple ethernet cables. You can use an ethernet switch to expand the number of ethernet ports available on your router.

Use third-party devices:

It is possible to add more ethernet ports to your router using a third-party hardware product. Nowadays we have plenty of devices out there to make our life easier but not all are reliable. One can easily find such devices in the market. A number of these devices are available on Amazon. But the problems with these are that they don’t last for long. One will face problems in the long run. Some of the more popular options are the Netgear Nighthawk X10, the TP-Link Archer C7, and the Netgear Nighthawk X16. These were a few recommendations that will help you add more ethernet ports to your router using a third-party hardware device.

Convert your previous Wi-Fi router into a switch: 

One way how to add ethernet ports to a router in form of a switch is to convert your old router into a switch. The disadvantage of this method is that it is quite complex to turn it into a router. The process involves many technicalities. It is better to invest in an ethernet switch than to convert your old Wi-Fi router into one.


When you think of a router, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a cable that is connected to your internet modem and connects your devices to the internet. But in today’s world, a network router is no longer just a simple cable that connects two devices to the internet. Today’s routers are small electronic devices that function as both a cable modem and a gateway between your devices and the internet. This increased functionality has led to the growth of the router as the primary means for connecting devices to the internet.

Wired routers are good but as discussed above they provide very few ethernet ports. Also, the number of ways to increase the ports are limited. So, you can consider wireless routers as well. You may have heard that wireless routers are better than wired routers. Wireless routers are better than wired routers. They save money, and space, and provide a better internet experience.  That’s true. But the whole story here is different. Routers with multiple antennas can significantly improve a wireless network’s performance, especially at the edges of a network. Routers with multiple radios also provide better redundancy and provide a second path in the event of a broken radio.

Thank you for reading! We hope you have a clear idea of how to invest in better routers and also how to get more ethernet ports in the existing routers.