How to Change the Code on Keypad Door Lock

With the advancement in digital technology, we have a blessing with the invention of various electronic systems for our households. It is the latest and one of the best in the digital locking system. You do not have to worry about losing the keys to your house or miscreants entering your property. With the help of the all-new keypad door lock, you can feel safe and secure during your absence.

how to change code on keypad door lock

A keypad door lock works on codes that are usually four to six digits. You can set and reset the regulations at your convenience. Moreover, you will not be able to open or close the door of your house without applying the principles.

However, if you think you need to reset the code of your keypad door lock code for security reasons, the following are the guidelines on


How to Change the Code on the Keypad Door Lock

Keep the door open before changing the code:

One of the most crucial points to keep in mind is that when you change the code of your keypad door lock, keep the door wide open. If there is any error, you will find yourself on the other side of the door.

Hence, it would be best if you used a door stopper so that it can block the door from closing. You must also make sure that the door is not locked while you are changing the code of your keypad door.

Enter the programming code:

Once you are ready, you can enter the programming code. If you doubt how to change the code on an electronic door lock, you need to follow specific simple steps before performing the act. It is essential that first, you remember that a programming code or the master code is different from the access code. The master code is for programming the lock, while the access code is the one you use to unlock the door. In general, most of the keypad codes are four-digit, and most of them have 0-0-0-0 as the default code. You can use the same code, but it is better to replace them with a new code for security reasons. Once you change the code, use the same code again to check and verify the lock.

Press the lock button:

As soon as you enter the programming code of your keypad lock, press the lock button on the keypad. The lock button is usually a wide button different from the rest. According to its design, you will find it either on the top of the keypad or at the bottom. Once you press the lock button, you will hear a beep sound. You will now be able to know how to reset the door code by deleting the old code and putting in a new code of your choice.

Press the number ‘3’ button:

You will find a button with the number 3 on the keypad. The number 3 button starts the process of changing or deleting the access code. You can only change the access code after deleting the first code. It is the initial stage of changing the principle of the keypad lock of your door.

Press the lock button again:

You must press the lock button again to confirm that you are performing the proper process. On pressing the lock button, you must hear the beep sound. However, it would be best if you did not press the button multiple times as it can fail the entire process.

Enter the access code:

You must now enter the access code if you want to change or delete it. Usually, the access code is between four to ten digits depending upon your convenience.

Press the lock button again:

Once you input the code in your digital keypad door lock, press the lock button again for the third time. It will delete your old code from the system. It would be best to press the lock button that functions as a ‘submit’ or enter button. You must make sure that you end the process by pressing the lock button again. Once you hear two beep sounds, it will confirm that the process is successful. You can try locking or unlocking the door using the old code if you want to check. However, it does happen; you need to start the entire process from the beginning.

Re-enter the programming code:

Once you have deleted the old access code, it is time to enter the new code. You can re-enter the programming code and press the button accordingly on your keypad door lock. You must press the button within five seconds, or the keypad will lock out.

Press the lock button:

You have to press the lock button once to submit the programming code. You have to follow the same process if you hear one beep sound.

Press the number ‘1’ button:

If you want to add a new code to the keypad lock of your door, you need to press the number ‘1’ button. However, it would be best if you pressed the button only once.

Press the lock button:

After you successfully enter the new code in the keypad lock of your door, you need to press the lock button again. It will ensure that you are on the right track for entering the new code only after you hear a beep sound.

Enter the new access code:

You need to enter now the new code that you want to program in your keypad lock of the door. The numbers can be between four to ten digits, and you must keep the first four digits unique. You must, however, avoid using repetition in the digits. You must also avoid using standard numbers, like your birth date or other important dates. It is advisable to use a different combination of digits for the access and the programming code. The coding system is essential as it serves as a security to your entire property.

The final step:

Once you are complete with changing the access and the programming code of the keypad lock of your door, press the lock button to complete the entire process. You will hear two beep sounds after pressing the lock button. To ensure whether you are successful or not in changing the codes, try to lock or unlock the door with your new code. If it does not work, you have to start the entire process again.

Hence, it is better that you first read carefully the instructions on how to reprogram the door keypad.

Is It Possible To Unlock A Keypad Door Lock Without The Code?

For convenience, you also get keypad door locks with a separate keyhole. So, if the power goes off or you have forgotten the code, you can still get into your house. Hence, with the help of spare keys, you can successfully open the door. There are also times when you have guests in your home. During such times, it becomes annoying for the guests to enter the door’s code upon arrival. You can program your keypad door lock in such a way that so that it becomes password-free. It will help guests enter your house by pressing the ‘hash’ key. Following are the methods that will tell you how to change the code on a password-free keyless door lock.

  • If you are using a touchscreen keypad, you need to press ‘hash’ as the programming code. After the green light glows, followed by a long beep sound, ‘6’ and then ‘hash’ again. It would be best to wait for the green light to glow along with a single beep sound.
  • You need to follow the same process for an electronic touchscreen keypad deadbolt lock.
  • However, for a digital keyless doorknob lock, you must enter the master code and then press ‘hash.’ When the beep stops, press ‘star’ or * along with a ‘hash’ before the blue backlight.

What Can You Do If The Electronic Door Lock Won’t Open?

There can be various reasons why your electronic door lock does not follow the instructions. It may be due to battery failure or a jam in the doors. If you have the option of a keyhole, then you can easily open the door manually. However, the problem arises, if you have a keyless door lock, it is better to inspect the fuse box from where the door lock is getting power to operate. Else, you need to call for professional services. Once your problem gets a solution, you need to reset the keypad door lock again for security reasons.


There is no doubt that we are facing a lot of security issues in the present era. You never know when your house or property will be under attack. Whether you are in town or not, it becomes necessary to protect your personal property during such a situation. A Keypad door lock is the only solution to keep your distractions away while you are at work or enjoying a holiday outside the city. Though many people have some misconceptions, it is better to use them first before debating on the issue.