How to Connect CCTV Camera to TV With and Without DVR

You will probably wish to see the security camera’s live feed showing in real-time instead of having it stored for surveillance recorded. The best way to do this is to connect the CCTV camera to the television. Everything you will need is a few cables, tools, CCTV cameras, and a television. Here you will learn how to connect CCTV cameras to TV with or without a DVR. However, it doesn’t stop here. You will also know about what DVR is and how it works. Let’s get started on how to connect CCTV Security Cameras in various ways.

How to connect CCTV Camera to TV With and Without DVR


About Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

The DVR will refer to the digital recorder. The system is referred to as the legacy system as they are significantly older. The DVR system is not like the NVR system and works with analog cameras which can’t process the video. Instead of analog cameras, use coaxial cables for sending the raw footage of tape to the recorders. Then, recorders will process the footage of that video.

How Does Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Work?

The DVR systems will compromise various closed-circuit cameras linked to the DVR or the computer that can record it digitally. Most people use Digital DVR systems to replace traditional analog CCTV cameras. The form of this device will be mounted professionally.

Cameras will save the videos to DVRs or the hard drive. The most considerable constraint will be the available space on the hard drive. The quality in which you will record the video footage will even impact. The images will be more significant, and the frame-per-second numbers will be higher. Until and unless the DVR gets configured for overwriting the old data till it reaches the capacity. This will even stop the recording when you are out of the room.

Footage will be viewed on the hard drive of a computer. Scanning through videos is way faster with digital files than conventional footage of CCTV. In addition, most of the camera screens will put time and date stamps, making it scroll through the screen more efficiently experienced. You can also know more about the data usage of cameras. Let’s look at How to Connect CCTV Cameras to TV with DVR?

What is the Purpose of Seeing?

Connecting the CCTV security cameras to TV has several purposes. First, this is for monitoring on-goings in store, office, and house. A person might have various reasons to have a CCTV camera installed. Let’s go through the points.

  • This is way more convenient for checking out the person currently standing in front of your door of the establishment or house.
  • This is the most secure way to provide the customers with a real-time view of the area.
  • Warning for the thieves and for preventing such burglary from happening.

Now let’s look at How to connect CCTV Camera to a TV with a DVR.

Things You Will Need to Connect the CCTV Cameras to TV

Here are some tools and things which you will require to prepare for ways to connect the CCTV cameras to TV. You can even find all items in your local home stores or shop where you bought the CCTV camera. The things are:-

  • CCTV cameras, especially analog.
  • Coaxial cable
  • BNC connector
  • Power supply
  • RCA adaptor
  • Monitor or television
  • Power Jack adapter

Having all of these items prepared will make it easy connection to the CCTV camera faster and easier.

Finding Out the Perfect Security Camera (CCTV)

Before purchasing anything else, it is very important to know the CCTV cameras you have purchased. As already mentioned, you must use the analog camera with CVBS technology. The camera comes generally with 600TVL or something similar to that. So if you can find it, you are moving on the right track.

However, the user will even learn something about connecting CCTV cameras to TV by using cameras that have AHD, HD-CVI, or HD-TVI technology that uses an extra device like NVR or DVR prior to connecting this to the TV. You can search more about CCTV cameras. Now let’s look at How to connect CCTV Camera to a TV with a DVR.

Install the CCTV Camera

Setting up the camera is a crucial step. Decide the area where you wish to transmit video in the setup and real-time on the wall. You must have already done the right measurements of the camera’s distance to the television. You should even make sure that the camera has the proper power supply. You must set up the cable well to avoid knots and entanglement. You will not wish to make it messy.

How to Connect the CCTV Camera With TV

In these steps, we will detail ways to connect the CCTV camera with the TV. If you are done with installing the camera properly, you will have to follow these things after that.

  • With a BNC connector, you will have to link the RG59 cable into it and the camera. Make sure to check whether the braid is not connected with the central conductor.
  • Connect the P4 connector well enough to the CCTV camera and power supply. You will want to make sure that the polarity of cables is the right way to avoid such damage to cameras.
  • Attach the power supply to the camera.
  • The link is your RCA adaptor to the BNC connector. Next, insert the other end of a cable to the standard video input of the TV.
  • Turn the television on and set the display to Visual/Audio input where the camera feed. The area must now get visible on the TV screen.
  • You have a decent idea and steps to installing the traditional CCTV camera with your TV. So let’s proceed to the efforts to connect to TV with DVR.

How to Connect CCTV Camera to TV with DVR

As mentioned before, analog cameras use ADH, HD-CVI, and HD-TVI technology. It uses different devices for connecting to a computer or TV successfully. The device can also be NVR or DVR, a network recorder, or a digital recorder. Both will need an IP address.

So, how do connect the CCTV camera with the TV by using a DVR? It is very similar to accessing the feed from the camera to the computer. All you will need to do is connect the camera to NVR or DVR, and then you can link the cable to a TV. The TV must be compatible with HD, which means you will need to install the software required for the DVR to access. After installation, you will need to add the IP address, and you are well enough to do.

Is it Possible to Use CCTV Camera Without a DVR?

The primary purpose of using DVR is to capture the video and then store it securely. Such as security cameras with IP cameras and SD cards might act as monitoring devices without using the DVR. Now let’s look at How to Connect CCTV Camera to a TV without a DVR?

How to Connect CCTV Camera to TV without DVR

Here are the steps to How to Connect CCTV Cameras to TV without DVR.

  • First, switch off your TV and then unplug the surveillance camera from the wall outlet.
  • Next, attach your video cable from the output jack of the surveillance camera on the side edge or back edge to the Monitor or TV corresponding input jack.
  • Then, connect the DC power adapter cable, which will come with security cameras to the camera spot on hand or back. Then click another end to the power source.
  • Next, switch on the computer monitor or TV. For triggering the link to a security camera, you will have to press the video input button on the front panel. You can watch this at any place under the surveillance of a camera instead of having logged in.

You will have to keep in mind that these steps above are for connecting the CCTV camera to the TV without using a DVR. You must know every step of the camera blinding.


Q. Is there any process to watch IP cameras on the TV?

Ans: Many systems claim to easily live the IP surveillance camera to your monitor and TV. For example, users might link the IP cameras to the system through an Ethernet cable and then connect to the TV’s HDMI Port for watching TV. You can also check the video feeds of the camera. But first, do good research on whether they are safe or not.

Q. Whether Will It Be Possible to Use the TV as the Camera Monitor?

Ans: The TV can also get used as a CCTV monitor if the TV input and camera output are compatible. The camera, for instance, might provide the HDMI output, and the TV will accept HDMI input. That’s why they can also be appropriately used together.

Q. Which is good: – TV or CCTV computer?

Ans: If cameras are in HD, the user can choose TV along with the HDMI input or HD display to fit the camera’s resolution. If the view hours are way long, you can use the commercial monitors to view. It’s because those monitors are built to operate for long hours. So you can view it without any concern.


In this process of CCTV installation on the TV, you must remember that this is crucial for using the traditional camera. It is mentioned earlier that you must avoid using the AHD, HD-CVI, and HD-TVI cameras. Be careful while handling the power supply and ensure that polarity is correct. You must not rush and show some patience while installing and connecting everything.

If you wish to know more about the installation or become a CCTV installer, you can take a good look at this article to gain enough knowledge.