How to Install an Electronic Door Lock

Traditional keys are gradually paving the way for a digital locking system. The need for utmost security in your house or office is of prime importance. Moreover, you must install an electric door lock with increased crime rates. Big offices and apartments have numerous visitors daily; you never know who is moving around with criminal intentions. Hence, adopting the best security measures is necessary to keep you safe and your valuables. Therefore, before the worst happens to you, installing an electronic door lock as early as possible is advisable.

Electronic Door Lock


Installation Of An Electronic Door Lock

Keys are a past now as we enter a digital world. Electronic door locks offer more security and convenience to the house or office owners. Moreover, you will not have to worry about losing your keys and being stranded in the middle of the night. So as long as you have the numbers in your memory, you will always be able to enter your house. Hence, in the present situation, it is advisable to switch to electronic door locks.

It becomes convenient and easy to install an electronic door lock if it already has a deadbolt. However, confusion arises when your door does not have one because you will have to drill a hole into your door to make a hole and a slot for the deadbolt. Once you are through with it, the installation process keeps certain things in mind.

Below are the steps that will guide you:

How to Install an Electronic Door Lock for Your House


Since keyless door locks are slightly more significant than usual, you must ensure their dimensions. It is because if it is more extensive, it may cause a lot of incontinence.

Electronic components:

Though it is easy to install a mechanical door lock, you need some technical knowledge in electronics to install an electronic door lock. It is because an electronic door lock runs with the help of batteries or electric current. However, the process is simple if you follow the instructions step-wise. But it would be best if you remembered that the wires with which you are connecting your electronic door lock are in the right place; otherwise, the entire process will crash. Therefore, if you are unsure about the wires joining, it is advisable to get the services of a professional.

Strike Plates:

You can continue the installation if you already have the strike plate on your door.

In most cases, however, you will find that the bold is not sliding smoothly. Hence, using the slide plates with your electronic door lock will be best.

Setting the Code:

Once you complete the hardware installation and connect your electronic door lock with the electric circuit, it is time to set the codes. When you purchase an electronic door lock, it comes with a master code. You have to enter the master code first to get the system working. Here you will find a screen where you need to input a new combination of the codes that will erase the master code. You must enter the new combination cautiously that is unique and easy to remember. However, it would be best if you kept the store somewhere safe with the master code. If the new regulations do not work or you have forgotten, you can always use the master code to input a unique combination for your electronic door.

Setting the App:

Now that your electronic door lock is ready to function, you must install the App on your mobile phone. Your safety must, however, have the option to connect to the Wi-Fi system of your house.

Following are the steps on how to join the Door lock with your mobile phone:

Download the App from the Google play store.

You must create an account first to use the App for your electronic door lock.

Add safety to the App.

You can name the lock you desire, which is convenient for you to remember.

You need to connect your lock with the Wi-Fi system of your house or office.

Set it up.

Your electronic door lock is now ready to function smoothly.

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How To Install Digital Door Look With Smart Lock Capabilities

Installing a digital lock is easy, but you must also use its additional intelligent features.

Following are the ways that will show you how to install a digital door lock with intellectual lock capabilities:

Remote Control:

Though one of the prime aspects of installing a digital lock for your door is for security, it must also have the features of controlling it from anywhere. You need not be in front of the entrance to access the digital lock. Hence, using an App for your electronic door lock is essential for quick and smooth control.

Schedule your time:

If you have a fixed time every day to return home, you can easily schedule the time in your electronic door lock. It means that whenever you enter at a specific time, there is no need to use the code to access the entry. Hence, if you program your digital lock at one particular time, it will automatically open when you come near your house.

Use of Voice assistance features:

One of the valuable features of some electronic door locks is that they can unlock the door using voice assistance features. It is a significant advantage since you can still use your voice to open the door if you forget the code. It is a high-security measure, as trespassers will not know how to crack into your house.

Access to Guests:

It becomes quite annoying for guests to wait for your passcode to open the door. Hence, if you already know how to connect your door lock with the App, you must also take advantage of setting passcodes for guests for their convenience. It is essential for those who are regular in your house, like housekeepers, delivery workers, and home service technicians. You can program different codes for them so that you can keep track of the people who are entering your house. Moreover, you can also give a temporary passcode to your guests during an event or function in your home. The passcode remains for a day and expires after the event is over.

Tracks all the events:

When making your electric door lock connection, ensure you have access to all its features. It is because an electronic door lock application can give you information about all the day’s events. Hence, you can track the number of times your door was opened or closed. It is a feature that can keep your house safe and secure.


While installing your electronic door lock, you must check whether it has auto-lock facilities. Having these features is a tremendous advantage because as you leave your house, the door automatically locks itself. Hence, you do not have to wonder about the security of your home or office as it will not open until and unless you give the code.


Q1. Is it possible to install an electronic door lock myself?

Ans: Yes, installing an electronic door lock on your own is possible. When you purchase an electronic door lock, you will get a set of instructions on how to install a keypad door lock.  You need to follow the instructions. However, if you are confused, it is better to take the help of a professional who can make your electronic door lock function smoothly.

Q2. Can I use my door’s electronic smart lock and a traditional key system?

Ans: Yes, you can use your innovative locking system and your traditional key for locking and unlocking your door. However, you must ensure that the original deadbolt is still on your door for the keys to function.

Q3. Are electronic door locks expensive?

Ans: An electronic door lock is worth an investment, and it is because it has all the intelligent functionalities that will keep your house safe and secure. Moreover, you will also be able to track the activities of your home. Hence, though electronic door locks are expensive, you must install them for the safety of your house.

Q4.  Will my digital door lock work during a power failure?

Ans: A digital door lock that works on power will not stop functioning during a power failure. It is because a digital door lock has a battery-powered backup. So, if the rest of the house is in darkness, your digital door lock will still function. However, it will not be able to use the remote capabilities as your Wi-Fi will also stop working without any power.


You can get electronic door locks in various shapes and designs and choose them according to the color. However, it is essential that before purchasing an electronic door lock, you must make sure of all its intelligent features. Once you install the electronic door lock, you need not worry about the safety of your house. Hence, it is time you consider the safety of your home as one of the prime concerns. Install a digital door lock for your house and office, leaving all your worries at bay.