How to Use Laptop as Monitor for PS3

The laptop has an HDMI port and the PlayStation 3 will output the display through the HDMI, then you can think to use the laptop as a makeshift screen for playing PS3 games. But, unfortunately, if you don’t have a laptop that especially allows the input of HDMI, it is not possible. The HDMI is a rare feature for laptops, so it is not likely to connect the PS3 to the PC for playing games. Here are some of the possible workarounds, but these might have substantial issues; that’s why you will need some other approach. First, let’s see How to Use a Laptop as a Monitor for PS3.

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Is The Laptop Compatible?

If you wish to play PS3 games on the laptop screen by using HDMI, the most crucial concern is if the laptop has an HDMI port. Most laptops have a single input explicitly intended for outputting the signal instead of receiving the one as input. In rare cases, the laptop might have an HDMI port, and also it has labeled as “HDMI In.” If you want to know How to connect ps3 to a laptop with a USB, you can read this article.

Though it is infrequent when users have to look for the laptop and features to really find it, if the computer has a part, the user can also quickly achieve the goal. If it is not, the user will not be able to connect it. So first, let’s clear your doubt about How to connect ps3 to a laptop with an HDMI cable windows 10.

If The Laptop is Not Compatible?

If the laptop does not have an HDMI port, you will have to choose an alternative approach to achieve what you wish to do. For example, the user might use the capture card, but these options are pretty expensive. They also carry problems, so searching for better alternative options is better. For example, you might buy a second-hand TV monitor or screen with an HDMI port, which will be way more effective and cheaper than searching for a way to operate a laptop.

The alternative for a PS3 game is for obtaining games through Epic games, Steam, or downloads. Most laptops can run PS3 games. Making a brand new purchase can probably be cheaper than searching for other workarounds.

What Are The Issues With The Capture Cards?

Let’s start with How to connect ps3 to a laptop without a capture card and why it has some problems. It is quite possible to display the gameplay on the PC through HDMI by using the capture card, but here is one of the significant issues with this approach. Capture cards also introduce latency if you use a PC as the primary display. If the gameplay runs with a few seconds delay, it will be irritating. But most of the low temp and casual games can run easier.

Play PS3 On The Laptop As Monitor

If you are lucky to have the laptop and the HDMI port, you can only get to play your PS3 on the laptop monitor. If you can HDMI on your laptop, the task is much easier. You can even connect it with one end of the HDMI cable to the PS3 and the other end to the HDMI port on your laptop. You can even switch on PS3 and assure that the laptop is on. The screen will change to a PS3 input, and you will play the games usually.

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Different Ways to Connect The PS3 to a Laptop

Here are some reasons one might connect the PlayStation 3 console to the laptop monitor. PS3 can also get linked up to the computer via a wireless connection. You can also access the computer’s hard drive, videos, photos, and music from the PS3 menu. The user can even connect to a computer for using it as a TV monitor to play on a console. The connections are wholly different.

Let’s see How to play ps3 on a laptop screen with HDMI.

  • File sharing
  1. First, go to the setting in the PS3 menu, but you can scroll it down to the Network setting. Then go to the internet settings and choose the wireless router from—a loss of the available connections. If a router possesses security, then the user must place the password. The internet connection of the Network setting will display “Enabled” if the user is connected.
  2. First, link your PS3 and laptop with the router if a person has one. Then connect both laptop and console to a router with the Ethernet cables. It is also needed for the PS3 with forty gigabytes of memory, and it doesn’t have WI-FI.
  3. Connect all your devices directly with the USB cable. For example, you can use the USB-style ports PS3 uses for a game controller. It will require a USB cable along with two thin connector plugs.
  • Ways to connect to monitor
  1. Purchase the external capture card of video for the laptop. The device will even connect to a computer via a USB port, and it will even have both S-video and composite connections.
  2. Connect a capture card to the laptop. Next, you insert the included CD-ROM in the disc drive, install the software, allow a computer to recognize drivers of cards, and then have the video editing and viewing application.
  3. Attach PS3 to a capture card by using the RCA composite cable of the console. For example, you can open a video application and then turn to a console to view the program screen.
  4. You can search and then click on a “Fullscreen” of the application for enlarging the screen to a full monitor.

How To Connect PS3 To Laptop Without HDMI

There are various ways to connect the PS3 console to the laptop. Suppose the user is looking for sharing the files, music, pictures, videos, or any other files the various routes you might take. Here we are going to talk about the one which works very flawlessly. You might even connect the controller and set your laptop as the media server for the gaming console. Both of these are discussed below. But, first, let us see How to connect ps3 to a laptop without HDMI.

Connect Your PS3 To The Laptop Through WLAN/WIFI

Are you here to know How to connect ps3 to a laptop wirelessly? Generally, new models of a PlayStation 3 have a way of connecting to the WIFI. However, if it is not the case, we will explain how a user can attach a PS3 to a PC and the use LAN connection to this:

  1. Go to the settings in the PS3 option and then scroll it down to the Network settings.
  2. Visit the internet connection and select the Wireless router from a list of available references. If the relationship is not popping up, then the user can even scan for the network and also enter the SSID of the router.
  3. Choose the appropriate encryption and then enter a key.

If your router is entirely secure, you will also have to enter the password. The internet connection in a network setting list will pop up “Enabled” if you enter the correct password. The user will automatically get the MTU value, DNS settings, and IP address. A step will even eliminate the DHCP names and the proxy servers and then activate UPnP. Always be aware of the browsing history stored on the router. If it is an issue for a user, we can have the guide view the history of the Wi-Fi router. It is the best alternative to connect ps3 to a laptop without HDMI.

Connect PS3 To The Laptop Through LAN

Do you know How to connect ps3 to a laptop Windows 10? Ensure that your PS3 and laptop are connected to the router through the Ethernet cable. If the router is new, it must recognize PS3 through DHCP, add them to a network, and assign the IP address. If it does not happen on its own, you can use a network wizard to find out the new device and then add it to the PS3.

Connect PS3 Controller To A Laptop

If the user has the PS3 controller and wishes to play games, you will not need to purchase the additional accessories. The user is even using a PS3 controller for gaming on a PC. Everything you need is a few different software to make the controller more compatible with windows, and a USB cable that will go into a controller through one end.

First, you will have to unplug the PS3 controller, and PlayStation, and then turn it on by pressing the button of PS in the center. Then plug the USB cable because the controller doesn’t get supported automatically. The windows will not automatically download the driver through it, and the user has to install it manually. Next, you can open up a ScpToolkit for installing the tool for free. You can start the “ScpToolkit” Driver to install the program when an installation gets finished. You can then check out a box next to the controller to install. The user can even uncheck the “Install DualShock4 controller” if the user doesn’t wish to install the PS4 controller. Finally, you can activate the “Wireless controller” and click on the “install” in the right corner. Here you go, now the controller is well enough to work on the computer.

Set Up the Laptop As The Media Server

For the laptop to serve as a media server for a PlayStation 3, the user will require the latest media player on the computer:

  1. PlayStation should get switched on, and then it is connected to a network. You can select in the menu “Streaming,” and enable the media streaming.
  2. Click on a checkmark to allow devices to play the media independently. Now you can switch your PS3 under the setting and the visited network settings and then enable connection to a media server.
  3. See the individual media, which will offer the music, video, and photos; click on the media server.

Files should be on the computer in their libraries.

Now you even stream that data through a media player to the PS3 if the PC is running. But, unfortunately, not every format is available. That is why you might have to do a few conversions.

Set Up Your PS3 Correctly

Additionally to the proper connection, you must even consider a position of PS3. For instance, this is very crucial that your laptop has few free spaces in the PS3 because the console can adequately ventilate and does not get very hot. Additionally, it must not get moved or tilted in operation so that the games will run properly.


In this article, we have discussed How to connect ps3 to a laptop for playing games. From connecting with HDMI to without HDMI, you can get every step and way to connect. You can read this article to get more ideas about connecting the laptop to PS3.