Lost Firestick Remote – Here’s an Alternate Option

The Firestick remote is the most important accessory for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Without the remote, you can’t use any of the features on your device. If you have misplaced it or lost it, then you need it to operate the TV. You can either buy a new one or find a lost fire stick remote. The Fire TV Stick Remote is specifically designed for the Firestick and will work no matter what room you are in or which direction you are facing. It also has voice control so that you can just say what you want and get it done!

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Finally, you are back home after a long day’s work. You may have been thinking all along the road that once you reach home, you will relax and watch a movie with your fire stick. However, tragedy strikes you when it is least expected. You can’t find a fire stick remote. You try hard to remember where you kept it last night but with no result. Do not lose hope, as there are ways with which you will be able to locate your lost fire stick remote quickly.


Lost Firestick Remote – Here’s What To Do?

A Firestick Was Lost In The House:

Since the fire stick remote is small, you will often be unable to find it. Hence, you must make sure to keep it in the right place. However, we are humans, and we tend to make the same mistake time and again. Now that you are sure that you lost the fire TV stick remote, you can use your smartphone to connect to the fire stick and use it. You must be on the same network to connect your phone to the fire stick, and you only need to open the app and connect your phone to the fire stick. Thus, your smartphone can act as a fully functional fire stick remote. Following are the ways to make your smartphone function as a fire stick remote.

  • Tap on Play store and install the Fire TV app.
  • Once the installation is done, launch the app.
  • You must make sure that you are on the same network.
  • The fire stick app automatically pops up in the app.
  • When you tap on the fire TV stick on the phone, it will prompt you to enter the four-digit PIN on the app.
  • You enter the code to connect the fire TV remote app to your fire stick as soon as you see the code on your TV screen.
  • So, now your phone is ready to play as a remote to your fire stick.

Lost Your Fire TV Stick Remote Outside Your House:

If you lose your fire stick remote in the house, you can easily connect it to your smartphone. It is difficult if you lost the firestick remote outside of your house. However, you can still connect with your firestick with some extra work.

  • First, you need to have two android phones. One will act as a remote to your fir stick, and the other will act as a hotspot of the net connection of your first phone.
  • Install the Fire TV app on your smartphone and enter your four-digit PIN.
  • Create a Wi-Fi hotspot using the same credentials as your home Wi-Fi. You have to create the same user ID and password.
  • Create a hotspot from your second smartphone.
  • Connect the fire stick to your TV and switch it on.
  • The fire stick automatically recognizes the network and connects.
  • Connect your phone with the hotspot of the other smartphone.
  • The fire stick will automatically pop up on the fire TV remote.
  • You can now sit back and enjoy your favorite movies.

Use Your Previous Fire Stick Remote:

If you have lost the amazon fire stick remote, there is nothing to lose hope for. You can grab your old fire stick remote and use it with your fire stick. It may happen that your previous remote does not have some buttons like the new one. However, you can still use it and watch your favorite programs on your fire stick.

  • You have to be familiar with some of the critical combinations so that you can make use of your old fire stick remote.
  • Press and hold the Home, Back, and left arrow key buttons together for ten seconds.
  • Restart your fire stick.
  • Your old remote will automatically pair with your fire stick after reboot.

Make Use Of Your TV Remote To Control The Fire Stick:

In the present era, smart TVs have become technically sound, and the remotes are HDMI-CEC. It helps to connect with your TV with the help of HDMI using the TV remote. You can use your remote for various electronic purposes, which is the best option when you do not want to use multiple remotes. Every smart television has the same feature, but you need to find it as they are present with different names.

  • Find the HDMI-CEC option in the settings of your smart television.
  • You can use the arrow keys to navigate the fire stick.

Therefore, if you have lost the remote to a fire stick, you can use the remote of your smartphone and enjoy the programs of your choice.

Use Mouse Or Keyboard With Your Firestick:

If you can’t find a fire stick remote, you can use your mobile, old remote, or smart TV remote to control your fire stick. You only need to use a mouse or a keyboard to navigate the Fire Stick. When browsing, the fire stick remote cannot offer you much. You can connect an external mouse after using a micro USB slitter from Amazon.

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Use Alexa To Control Your Fire Stick:

If you have misplaced your fire stick remote, you can use Alexa to control your fire stick. You have to give the commands to Alexa, and it will perform all your instructions dutifully. However, your Alexa and the fire stick must be on the same network. With the help of the commands, you can make Alexa search for titles and play your favorite shows. One of the best features of Alexa is that you can switch between episodes of your choice.

Following are the steps to use Alexa with your good old remote:

  • Hold the home button on your new remote for 10 seconds; you will see it will start to flash slowly.
  • Keep holding the home button for a few more seconds till you find the flashing is faster.
  • Select Settings on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, and then select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
  • Select the option Add New Remote.
  • Find the new Alexa Voice Remote in the list that appears on the screen.
  • Use your OLD remote to select the NEW remote in the list.

Use Your Bluetooth To Connect With Amazon Fire TV:

One of the features of the Fire TV stick is that you can connect it to your Bluetooth accessories. It can be a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with which you can control your Fire TV stick if you misplace the fire stick remote.

  • You need to pair the fire TV app with your fire TV stick.
  • Use the fire TV app to go to the Bluetooth page.
  • Tap on Settings and tap on ‘other Bluetooth devices from the ‘remotes and Bluetooth devices.
  • Select Bluetooth accessories and enjoy your program with your fire TV stick.

Use The Air Mouse To Control Your Fire TV Stick:

Losing a remote is a common issue in every house. Therefore, if you lose your fire stick remote, it is not the end of the world. It is because there are several ways in which you will be able to use your fire TV stick. One of the ways is to use an Air mouse to control your fire TV stick. An Air mouse combines a remote, a mouse, and a Qwerty keyboard. If you have an Air mouse, insert it into the OTG adapter cable. Once you insert the Air mouse, it instantly starts working. It contains the navigation keys to control your fire TV stick, which works precisely similarly to your lost fire stick remote.

Lend A Fire Stick Remote From Your Friend:

If you cannot find your fire stick remote, you can always lend it from your friend. However, do not think you will be able to use the remote instantly. There are specific steps to configure the remote so that it recognizes your fire TV stick.

Following are the steps to reset the remote before it starts functioning with your fire TV stick:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to unplug the fire stick from your TV and wait for a minute.
  • Do not plug the fire stick back again.
  • Press and hold the back, option, and left buttons together for around twelve seconds.
  • Release the button and wait for some seconds.
  • You need to remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Plug in the fire, stick it to your TV and wait for a minute or two.
  • Insert the batteries back into the remote and close it tightly.
  • Press any button to check if the pairing between the fire stick remote and the fire stick is working.
  • Once the process is complete, you are ready to watch your favorite shows.


There are many ways to use an Amazon Fire TV Stick without a remote. If you’ve lost your fire tv stick remote and can’t find it, you’re not alone. Many people have had the same experience. In fact, some people have lost multiple remotes. So, if you, too, lose your fire stick remote, there is nothing to worry about. You can control your fire TV stick and make it function in various ways. Getting a new fire stick remote is the best solution if things still don’t work for you.