8 Mini Motorways Tips and Tricks to Get High Scores

Mini Motorways is one of the most exciting strategic games. Though it looks simple, the game becomes intense as you enter deep into the game. It is an exciting and relaxing game. The initial process of Mini Motorways is simple as you have to build roads for the cars to travel easily. However, as the population increases, it becomes more congested. However, you have to be cautious while playing the game because if you go wrong in the initial stage, you will fall flat at the earliest.

Mini Motorway Tips


Mini Motorway Tips

Following are the Mini Motorway Tips on how to play the game:

1. Colour-Coded Journeys:

The first and most important thing you should know before starting the game is that colored cars will only visit buildings of the same color. It is accessible in the initial stage, but you will find the game becoming more complicated as you progress further. Hence, you must plan out the routes initially for the vehicles in the future; else it will lead to congestion of traffic and will cause chaos. Therefore, if you know which building a car will go to, it can ease the traffic chaos and smooth traffic flow. It would help if you also tried to get more road pieces to have the option to take multiple routes to avoid traffic.

2. Flipping of Houses:

You can change the direction of the houses at any time.  If you draw a road on the opposite side of a particular house, you can change the direction of your home. Also, it is helpful when you try to divide your city’s traffic; it looks much more excellent and clean.

3. Motorways:

Motorways can ease traffic congestion in a significant way.  Since it allows making roads over the buildings, you can manage the traffic better. Moreover, it would help if you had an eagle-eye because as soon as you see a new building coming up, you need to connect the motorway with the main road. Therefore, you can join the highway as long as you can. However, you must not build bridges in the early phase of the game as it may interrupt creating buildings. However, you can use the bridges as the game progresses to smooth the traffic.

4. Better Mobility:

As you enter more deeply into the game, you will have options for more roads than you need. Hence if you can get plenty of spare roads, you must gradually open them. You can make alternate routes, longer rounds, or make roads that can create more space for cars.

5. Create Roundabouts:

Please create roundabouts as they can enhance traffic’s smooth flow. Hence, it will be best to develop roundabouts, especially near the junctions. It will make the traffic flow smooth and without any congestion.

6. Place Road Tiles at the Right Place:

One of the essential strategies for mini motorways is to control the spawning of buildings in areas that can cause traffic congestion. Hence, placing a road tile at the corner of a road can stop any buildings or shops from spawning in that area.

7. Avoid Traffic Signals:

Traffic lights are great, but once you have too many traffic signals at every nook and corner of the street, it can create confusion and bring the traffic to a standstill. Therefore, you must develop roundabouts near the junctions. It can enhance traffic flow, thus making a smooth passage for cars.

8. Create Right Indicators:

If you have a winding road that takes a long to reach your destination, you must immediately pause the game and think of a better option. One of the primary tips for mini motorways is that you can re-think your strategy whenever you feel that there is something wrong in the planning of the roads.

Mini Motorways Tricks

If you want to know how to play Mini Motorways, you must follow the strategies for mini motorways.  You must create the shortest route between the warehouse and home: If you want the cars to make their pick-ups and drops with ease, you must ensure that the warehouses do not overflow. Therefore, try to create the shortest route so that the vehicles can reach their destination on time. It can also ease off the traffic on the main road, thus ensuring a smooth traffic flow.

Do not use cars of different colors on the same road:

If you use vehicles of different colors running on the same street, it can create confusion. However, if you are unable to do so, try to redirect the cars of other colors across bridges or motorways so that you can play the game with ease.

Traffic lights are useless as it causes more congestion:

Though we know that traffic lights ease the flow of traffic, in the current scenario, it slows down the traffic leading to congestion and chaos. Therefore, if you want a smooth traffic flow, try to make roundabouts at every junction so that the cars can take a different route without halting.

Motorways are handy:

During the game process, you will find many houses pop up on the opposite side of the city to the warehouses. So if you can make the motorways, it will come in handy.  Therefore, if you can create roads that can connect the suburbs with the warehouses, it will help the vehicles move smoothly.

Move motorways to direct traffic towards a full warehouse:

If you find a struggling warehouse, pause for some time and try to run the cars of the same color through a motorway. However, if you have spare road tiles, you can move the highways at any time, thus creating a passage for the vehicles.

Create roads where you do not want houses:

You can create lanes if you do not wish houses or warehouses to come up in certain areas. Since you will not have two objects on the same tile, you should make the roads before the buildings come up.

Stop congestion before there is chaos of vehicles:

If you follow a proper strategy in the initial stage of the game, you can prevent congestion. However, if you do not follow the rules, it can become problematic later to ease out the traffic. Hence, during the early stage of the game, you can plan out the roads when the work is comparatively less. If you see occasional traffic, it is a sign of early congestion. Hence, you must carefully plan out the roads so that you do not face a problem with congestion in the later stage.


Q1.  Why should you take advantage of the timer control?

Ans:  If you become confused about the happenings on the road, you must always pause the game and think over new strategies to enhance the smooth flow of the vehicles.  Hence, please think before you move further with the flow of cars on the road before it turns into bottlenecks on the road.

Once you are sure of your plan, you can resume the play.  However, it would help if you took note of the hotkeys to control the game smoothly.

The Space Bar pauses and resumes the game.

You can use the Left arrow and Right arrow keys to control the speed.  The left arrow decreases while the right arrow increases the speed.

Q2.  Why should you create a separate network for each color group?

Ans:  As soon as you start the game, you will understand how the colored cars and the buildings interact whenever you create a network. However, as soon as you move into the game further, you will face many obstacles. Hence it would be best to plan the network of roads at the initial stage of the game. So, before starting the game, you must have a clear mindset about the game and how you place the buildings.  However, suppose you see that you can optimize a particular color group of cars on one motorway. In that case, you can make the necessary adjustments according to your need to have a smooth flow of vehicles.

Q3. Are traffic lights helpful?

Ans: As you enter the first phase of the game, you will feel excited to keep traffic lights as it enhances the look of the road.  However, as you start moving through the game, you will face a lot of congestion on the road.  If you think correctly and look at the flow of the vehicles running slowly, you will understand that the primary reason for the slow movement and congestion is the traffic lights.  Hence, it is better to create roundabouts before every junction as it will help the vehicles take a different route and reach their destination at the right time.  Roundabouts help to reach your destination faster and easier without facing traffic chaos.


Mini Motorways is one of the most exciting games that will let you relax and enjoy the game in your leisure time. You can build a road, redesign the road, and plan out a strategy that will smoothly enhance the movement of vehicles. Hence, before starting the game, always plan out how to play the game smoothly.