Top 10 Thermometer Apps to Check Temperature

Thermometer apps are used to check the temperature inside and outside your home, workplace, etc. They record different variations in temperature. They notify the user about all these changes including variations in body temperature.

Please Note:

Thermometer Apps are used to show and measure the temperature in the area of your device however, only a few mobiles come with an internal temperature sensor, so in the majority of devices, the temperature that is displayed will be the actual temperature for the batteries or internal electronic components of the device. 

This matched with the actual temperature only when your device is in standby mode for an at least hour or longer time. The only way to determine the correct temperature of the environment is to launch the app immediately when you get your device after a standby mode

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So Let’s look at the few top temp check apps:

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Top 10 Temperature Checking Apps for Android and iOS

1. Electronic Thermometer Outdoor & Indoor Temperature:

temp check app for indoor and outdoor for android

Electronic thermometer HD is an android app to measure the temperature both outside and inside temperature at the same time. The app uses a technology that acquires its data for outside temperature from web sources and inside temperature from the phone sensor itself. It provides you with outside and inside temperature data information on the Celsius and Fahrenheit degree scale. This amazing thermometer app for Android is developed by “Just4Fun Utilities” and in just 2 years the app has had more than 1,000,000+ downloads.

Its Indoor room temp is calculated from the built-in temperature sensor in phones. However, there are some phones that do not have this sensor, and it uses sensors from the electronic subassembly of the device (e.g. the battery in the phone). The temperature may be different from the actual air temperature, so in order to get the most accurate result, you must keep your phone off or untouched for one hour.

Its Outdoor temp is calculated from the weather website. The app requires access to the location of your phone to establish your location. It transmits your coordinates to an internet-based weather site. Service searches for the nearest weather stations and gives the current outside temperature.


  • Provides you with the actual outside temperature by using the new technology of connecting with a web server.
  • The location accuracy is improved way better than any other temp checker app can provide.
  • The app has more than 10,00,000+ downloads in just two years of its service and is still counting.
  • Has quick consumer response to any question by the consumer and the app has regular updates.


  • Mixed consumer response and the app has only 3+ ratings on the google play store.
  • Doesn’t give accurate information about inside temperature as devices heat up when used, as this app uses phone sensors wrong information is provided.
  • The need for location and connection to the internet is a must for the information to be provided.
  • Ads are more compared to other apps in this variant.

Download: for Android

2. Kinsa Smart Thermometer for Fever and Body Temperature:

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The Kinsa Thermometer is an award-winning, pediatrician-recommended thermometer available to purchase online and in retail stores, across the U.S. The app keeps track of and organizes our family’s symptoms and temps and also keeps a record of the symptoms. This app is great for a tired mom!” My absolute favorite feature is that it gives you ideas for keeping your baby comfortable. 

Kinsa smart thermometer app is a body temperature app for iPhone for Android.  Kinsa smart thermometer can also be used as an online thermometer for fever. The smart app tracks your body temperature and records it. You can also call this a real thermometer with a fevered body. It is a very useful app as it shows you the symptoms, dose timetable, timeline, etc. The app is offered by Kinsa Inc. It has more than 100,000+ downloads and still counting.


  • The consumer is provided with all symptoms, temperature, medicine timetable, and graph of your fever symptoms.
  • It also offers practical tips for a quick recovery.
  • The app is free to use.


  • The app has a lot of bugs and main screen issues.
  • syncing is not so intuitive,
  • Doesn’t auto-detect the thermometer.

Download: for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Thermometer++: (Indoor and Outdoor Temp Checker)

app to take temperature on phone

The app thermometer++ is a thermometer temp checking app to measure indoor (room) and outdoor temperature. Like any other app, thermometer++ gets weather data from the nearby weather stations and gives outdoor temperature but this app provides you with humidity and pressure based on your location. That is why this app stands different from other apps. This app is available on both android and iOS.


  • Gives you both humidity and pressure along with the outside temperature.
  • Instant fix of any bugs or errors.


  • Not worthy of the amount we pay for in-app purchases.
  • Lots of ads that are not appreciated.
  • Mixed consumer reviews.

Download: for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Thermometer – Indoor and Outdoor:

temp checker app for android for room

The thermometer indoor and outdoor app was designed by Trajkovski Labs. It is used to monitor the temperature of the room and outdoor temperature using the local meteorological station. It has an old-fashioned thermometer style with both digital and analog readouts, Celsius and Fahrenheit scales as well as an Indoor or outdoor choice. This temp check app was released in 2012 and has gained more than 5,000,000+ downloads.


  • Provides you with indoor and outdoor temperatures virtually.
  • Has more than 3+ ratings on the google play store with the version of 3.2.
  • The app provides new analog thermometer cases with virtually created backgrounds for outdoor temperatures.


  • Same as the above app this app uses the phone sensors for indoor temperature and as a result of the phone heating the temperature is shown wrong.
  • Lots of ads and mixed reviews.

Download: for Android

5. Body Temperature Thermometer App For Fever:

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The Body Temperature Thermometer tracker application is utilized to measure the body temperature of a person if they are suffering from a fever. If your physician suggests you track your temperature then this app would be an ideal tool to record it.

This app works only with additional gear, but if you own an Apple watch then it would be a great fit for your requirement. In order to make this app work, you must link your thermometer through Bluetooth. After a few minutes, the app collects data and presents them to you in a stunning graph.

Check your temperature using a thermometer or smartwatch and add your measurement record to the app.  The primary benefit of this fever app is its stunning interface which is extremely rare in this category. But its performance is exciting, and you get everything you need in one go. 

Download: for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Room Temperature Thermometer: 

indoor and outdoor room temp checker app for android

It is easy to track temperature by using this temperature detector to identify the highest temperature issues. This Temperature Sensor app is able to measure the temperatures at the lowest level using this sensor application.  The Room Temperature Thermometer can help you to measure the temperature in your room or the outside of your room.  This app monitors your current temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.

Download: for Android

7. Body Temperature App For Fever:

body temperature check app for iPhone

“Body Temperature App” is an application that records the body temperature that is measured. It can be used to track symptoms like fever, runny nose, cough, body pain, and much more. It is very simple to notify the doctor of the symptoms through the mail. You can able to control and add the records of many people in the application. You can also share your information via the Apple Health App or access your temperature through the Apple Health App. The body temperature display corresponds to both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Download: for iOS

8. Room Temperature – Thermometer by Finestudio Apps:

Indoor temperature and outside temp check app

The Room temperature thermometer is a professional app that measures the actual temperature of the bedroom, inside or outside In Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit. It takes the measurements of “indoor” ambient temperature as well as “outdoor” temperatures and levels of humidity, based on your place of residence.” This app says it is reliable and accurate because they get their information from the most reliable weather site: It is possible to measure the temperature of today in real-time using this temperature monitoring application and humidity gauge. It has features like current temperature, humidity Calculator Air Pressure, Smart thermometer, and check temperature meters.

Download: for Android

9. Real Thermometer:

real thermometer app for iPhone

Are you worried about not having the right temperature index? This app can turn your phone into an accurate thermometer! Real Thermometer is an incredibly powerful and impressive thermometer application that comes with an infrared sensor that is powerful and passive. It allows you to quickly measure your body or object’s temperature without cost. It’s an easy-to-use and is free for all smartphones. It is easy to make use of this app using an id of 3-5 cm from the object. One of the most useful advantages of this program is the ability to let you save the temperature of your smartphone and then easily access it at any time from your phone. It is also possible to synchronize it and get reports on another device.

Download: for iOS

10. Body Temperature Recorder:

is there an app that takes your temperature, can i take my temperature with my phone for free, body temperature app for iPhone, real thermometer with fever

The Body Temperature Recorder” is an app that helps to track the body temperature. The record that is inserted is automatically graphed, and you can observe the change in body temperature in a single glance. It could be recorded along with signs such as a sore throat or a runny nose It is extremely simple to inform your doctor about any symptoms. You can share graphs and data with your family members via email. You can keep track of the records of several people at the same time using one application. The Temperature of the body is related to both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Download: for iOS


Thermometer apps are a great way to learn about different temperatures and how they relate to our lives. Some apps provide a scientific explanation of the temperature, while others show a great visual, giving you a better understanding of the topic. Some apps even have games and quizzes to keep you entertained while learning!