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Writing is a skill, and not everyone poses it that can impress readers with their write-ups. If you believe are an expert writer in the terms of technology and gadgets and think you can impress our readers with your writing skills, then we are here to accept your guest post on our blog. Our goal is to put your pieces in the right places and with the right people. You can write for us about tech and gadgets. Our team will check out your articles. Your articles may be accepted or refused, but high-quality articles will not be rejected. Remember that we only accept writing that is 100% unique and original.

Why Write for Us for Tech Lavish Blog?

Firstly, we are a rapidly growing tech blog with a decent amount of traffic. When you publish anything on our blog, it goes out to many individuals and by linking your blog you may get organic traffic that will give your site a boost. Search engines will enjoy your blog even more, and you may attract new readers pretty quickly. We appreciate bloggers and companies with excellent and valuable content to post with us. We will publish your articles on our blog and other social media channels. Just drop us an e-mail, and we are ready to take it further.

Quick Publishing Guidelines and Hints to Write for Us

Equal opportunity publishing is important to us. If your article is exceptional, consider it will be published. As a rule of thumb,

  • Write error-free, plagiarism-free, and well-structured content.
  • All content must be original, spell-checked, and logical.
  • Be sure to utilize accurate information and appropriate language and spelling.
  • Affiliate and non-promotional links will be rejected.
  • Choose a popular topic that aligns with the sort of content that we produce.
  • Avoid spam or broken links in the article.
  • At the very least, include one photograph with good quality and no copyright restrictions (Mandatory).
  • Your article should be at least 1500 words long or preferably more.
  • Articles must be connected to our categories and target audience. We do not publish irrelevant categories.

Essential Guidelines to Submit a Guest Post on Tech Lavish

We appreciate bloggers and companies with excellent and valuable content to publish their stuff with us. In exchange, we will publish your article on our blog. So, Any proposal that you offer to us for guest blogging should match the standards stated below for rapid approval:

Content Quality:

It is crucial to send only high-quality articles. your content must be 100% original without any grammatical errors. It should not have been published on any website before. We only want well-researched and interesting content to make our blog and your idea stand out. both blog visitors and search engines desire high-quality content.


We endeavor to present our readers with fascinating entries covering the topic in-depth on the Techlavish blog. While we want your post to be interesting, we also don’t want it to be too short. Search engines also favor articles that are lengthy and comprehensive. So, we prefer guest post ideas with at least 1500 words or more that address the issue in depth without being boring or repetitive.


Tech Lavish blog” is devoted to Tech, Gadgets, Sofware, and more, and we would prefer it to continue that way. As a result, all articles submitted to us for the guest blog must fall into particular above categories. We will not consider any irrelevant topics or ideas that are not suitable for our blog audience and categories and will not reply to such emails.

You may write for us about the below subjects:

  • Technology
  • Gadgets
  • How to “Tech”
  • Android
  • Apps
  • Games
  • How to
  • iOS
  • Software
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Windows

Reader-Friendly Article:

We appeal to everyone to pay extra attention while writing your article. We do not want pieces from guest writers to stray far from our approach. Avoid using too complicated phrases, jargon, or unsuitable terminology or slang that might confuse or confuse our viewers. Therefore, we want you to write similarly. Keep in mind that you must address the needs of all of our readers, not just a subset of them.

Grammar and Structure:

Every piece of guest writing submitted to us is also subject to a grammatical review. Just make sure to check your grammatical errors before submitting them to us. The first step in generating well-structured work is to arrange your article.  We like a brief, attention-grabbing title and effective content. Because of this, we create our posts with accuracy and clarity, avoiding repetition and over-interpretation while delivering the articles.  we’re incredibly picky about how articles are organized, so be sure to follow our guidelines for formatting (headings and subheadings, images, bullet points, etc.) This may give a boost to your articles on search engines too.

Use of media:

Adding a relevant image in the article would definitely attract readers’ attention and also a factor of the search engines to add at least one image to rank their that specific article. As a result, we ask writers to use at least one image in the article they own or provide an image credit to the owner of the media they copied.

External links:

You are allowed to add only one external link to your blog which will be dofollow. Inserting more than one link in the guest post is against our guidelines, and any such submission will be denied. Writers are requested only to link their personal blog that they own, We do not allow linking third-party commercial websites in the guest post section.


If you are hoping to get a link to your client’s commercial site such as a Products or Services based site then Please use the subject line “Submit a Guest Post Paid” or “Write for Us Paid”.

Affiliate Links:

Do not use any type of affiliate links in the guest post article. We are an information-based blog and we do not force or redirect our readers to buy anything through any unapproved affiliate link. Send us a separate e-mail if you’d like to advertise or promote any affiliate links.


Article submitted to us for guest posting should be plagiarism-free and copyright-free material. Stealing or copying someone else content is a serious matter, and we will not tolerate it. As a result, we want all the guest writers to submit only original content. Any charts, graphs, photos, quotations, etc., that you receive from other sources must be credited.

Publishing Time:

We get numerous emails every day from guest authors and we spend more time reviewing articles to ensure that they reflect the high standards of our readers. We have the right to alter the content to ensure that it complies with our style standards. That’s why it usually takes 3 to 5 to publish your article. we urge all the authors to be patient and avoid sending repeating e-mails to our inboxes. We will appreciate it, and thank you for understanding in advance.

Editorial Right:

Your submitted content may be edited by us to ensure that it meets our publishing standards. We have the right to edit and rearrange your submitted content to ensure it conforms with the editing criteria. In addition, once an article is published on our blog, You should not publish it anywhere else.

Post Refusal/Removal:

Our primary objective is to give readers beneficial information. We always prefer content that may assist our readers in making well-informed decisions on tech problems. We have the right to remove any content from our site without warning if it goes to our guidelines.

How to Submit your Guest Post?

Guest writers may e-mail us their article in a Microsoft Word Document. You may e-mail us at [email protected] and follow the format provided below:

  • E-mail Subject
  • a subject about which you want to write
  • The URL to which you’d like to include

Our team will get back to you if your topics interest us.